New Year's Resolution Suggestion

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

2019 is upon us and undoubtedly there will be a multitude of resolutions made over the coming weeks.  Sadly, most of these resolutions will not make it past the first month or so, as we settle back into our normal routines.  Different theories exist on how many days in a row you need to do something before it becomes a habit, from 21 days to 12 weeks according to an internet search.  Certainly some resolutions are more difficult to keep than others.  For example, a new diet requires a change in food purchases, food preparation, having to deal with cravings, eating less, etc.  Likewise, starting to exercise requires ...

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Summertime Drinking

Tips for Drinking Sugary Beverages

School is out and summer is here!  The increase in vacations, picnics, pool parties, and family barbecues means most of us (including me) will increase our intake of lemonade, iced tea, soda, smoothies, and mixed drinks.  While nothing beats a cold drink on a hot day, the list of summer drinks includes many that are packed with sugar.  Here are a few tips to follow this summer, so that your next dental appointment is filled with good news!

  1. It is amazing how much sugar there is in a single serving of almost any sweet beverage- often more than in a serving of cookies or cake!  Ice water, unsweetened iced tea, or ...

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How to Eat Sweets Properly

Everyone knows sugar is unhealthy; terrible for our bodies and our teeth.   But sugars, in various forms, are in so many things we consume every day.  It is common knowledge that soda, candy, cookies, donuts, cake, etc. are loaded with sugar.  But sugars are also in products we might not normally think of, like pizza, coffee (if you add sugar), bread, yogurt, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, many soups, and almost every breakfast cereal. 

We all know that limiting or reducing the amount of sweets we eat is a noble goal and certainly something I would recommend.  As a dentist, I feel it is equally important to know that as far as our ...

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Paperless Office

One of the iPads that can be used by patients to update or view their information.

We are happy to announce to our patients that we have recently completed an upgrade of our record keeping system, allowing us to go paperless.  Previously, our patients’ health information was recorded on paper and kept in physical charts.  For years, we have taken X-rays digitally, but like many medical and dental offices, much of the paperwork was still kept in a physical chart.  All new patients will now fill out their initial “paperwork” on an iPad, instead of using pen and paper.  Checking and updating health information is now quicker and easier, allowing us to provide higher quality care.  As a side benefit, we consume less paper, which is ...

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Interview with the Dentist

Christopher Wahlers, DMD

How did you decide to become a dentist?

I always knew from a young age that I wanted to go into the health care field.  When in college, to help me with my career decision, I volunteered in a few hospital settings, both observing and helping the staff.  After many talks with physicians, who were almost universally negative about their profession, I decided to look at alternatives.  My personal dentist was very positive about his profession, and other dentists I spoke with shared his view.  I liked the idea of working normal hours, and avoiding the stresses of making life and death decisions which physicians sometimes have to deal with.  I ...

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