What do I do if a crown (cap) is loose or falls out?

Even the best made dental crowns (caps) do not last forever.  Sometimes cavities form at their margins, and sometimes they can come loose, either from decay or cement washout.  A loose crown will often have a telltale taste or odor coming from it- a result of food debris getting stuck underneath.  Sometimes the crown will simply get pulled out by a sticky piece of food.  Always call for an appointment as soon as you notice a loose crown, or if the crown has fallen out.  If the tooth is intact and healthy, we can often clean the inside of the crown, and simply cement it back in.

If too much time goes by with a loose crown, decay can set in due to food debris getting under the loose crown and damaging the underlying tooth.  Or if the crown has come out and too much time goes by before the dental appointment is made, the adjacent teeth can shift ever so slightly, and the crown may not fit anymore.  We can typically see you within a few days (many times the same day) whenever you have a dental issue.

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