Digital X-Rays


At Wahlers Family Dental, we are committed to our patients’ comfort and safety. To ensure both of these, we are proud to offer digital dental x-rays. This new form of x-ray reduces radiation exposure considerably, uses more comfortable sensors, speeds up the process, and increases quality of care.

Why Do I Need X-Rays?

When a dentist examines your teeth, only the exposed surfaces can clearly be examined. X-rays allow us to see between the teeth where many cavities start. They also allow us to see the interiors of your teeth, under older fillings or crowns. Additionally, with x-rays, we are able to monitor your bone levels, which is important in the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease.

By the time many common dental concerns are visible to the naked eye, the treatment required may be more complex. We prefer to catch developing problems at the earliest possible point. Typically a problem caught early on an x-ray requires less invasive and less expensive treatment than one that goes unnoticed and becomes larger. 

Are X-Rays Safe?

Even traditional film-based dental x-rays are quite safe and expose you to very low levels of radiation. Digital x-rays take this even further and use up to 80 to 90% less radiation than film-based dental x-rays. Additionally, we still use precautions like lead aprons so that you receive the absolute lowest radiation exposure possible.

X-rays are one of our most valuable diagnostic techniques. By minimizing your radiation exposure, we keep you safe while we gain important information about your dental health. We can then customize a treatment plan and perform more conservative, comfortable treatment.

Additional Advantages of Digital X-Rays

In addition to the reduction of radiation exposure, digital x-rays have several other important benefits:

  • The sensors we place in your mouth to get the image are much more comfortable than traditional film.
  • The accuracy of digital x-rays is superb. Plus, because they are viewed on a computer monitor, we can enhance and zoom in on the image to get a better look at areas of concern and educate you about your dental health and proposed treatment.
  • Digital x-rays "develop" instantly. No more waiting around for your images to develop.
  • Because digital x-rays don’t require chemicals to develop or film for storage, they are better for the environment.
  • Your x-rays are stored digitally in your secure electronic file. This allows them to be easily accessed for fast comparisons and tracking of any conditions. This also allows us to easily send them electronically to your insurance company or a specialist, when necessary.

Don’t Hesitate to Call with Questions

We are excited by the opportunities that digital x-rays present in diagnostics and patient comfort and safety. If you ever have any questions about x-rays, we encourage you to call our East Norriton dental office so that we can address your concerns and help put you at ease.