At Wahlers Family Dentistry, we treat your entire family, from the youngest members to the most senior.

Just like you, we believe in starting kids off on the right foot, and one of the best ways to do this is through regular visits to a child-friendly dentist office from a young age. In fact, we encourage parents to bring their young children with them to the office when they get their teeth cleaned. Visiting the office with Mom and Dad helps children to see what a friendly place the dentist's office is. Often, children can't wait to get in the chair themselves because they already feel so positively about the dentist and hygienist!

Your Child’s First Visit

Some organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, suggest that children see the dentist by the age of one. As is often the case, however, the best time to start seeing a dentist will depend entirely on your child’s needs and your family’s own unique situation.

Early visits can be beneficial because they help to normalize the dental office and help children see it as a safe (and even fun!) place to be. At these first visits, we typically won’t try to perform a cleaning or an exam. We’ll introduce your child to the chair and some of our instruments and discuss topics like early tooth care and good nutrition with you. We’re also happy to address any questions or concerns you might have. Common questions that parents have at this point often include concerns about the best way to clean those first few teeth or about pacifier use and thumb-sucking.

Many kids will benefit from having their first “real” visit between the ages of two and three. At this point, we can often take advantage of their natural curiosity and interest. We’ll let them explore and touch some of our instruments (like our mirrors) and give them a tour of the office. If your child cooperates, this is usually a great time for a quick polish and a ride in the chair.

Helping Kids Feel Comfortable

These early appointments set the stage for your child’s care as he or she grows up. When children feel safe and confident at the dentist’s office, they will feel more empowered and able to take good care of their teeth. We’ll work closely with you and your child to help build and support good home care habits for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

We recognize that kids are not just “little adults.” As they go through different stages of development, they will have different dental needs. A father himself, Dr. Wahlers is skilled and experienced at providing dental care for children and will be there for your children as they grow and develop.

We’ve also put careful thought into making sure that our practice is warm and inviting to patients of all ages. Each treatment room includes a TV, which can provide a welcome distraction for anyone during care. We also have a fun prize basket for kids who were well-behaved during their appointment.

Are You Ready to Schedule Your Child’s Appointment?

Parents tell us that their children enjoy coming to the dentist, and we love to hear this! We consider our patients to be an extended part of our own family, and your comfort is always one of our top priorities.

Call us today and let’s find a time that works well for you.