Partial and Full Dentures

Modern dentures represent a significant improvement over the dentures you may remember your parents or grandparents wearing. Today’s materials and crafting techniques come together to create comfortable, secure, natural-looking replacement teeth that will allow you to live your life with confidence.

The Modern Denture Difference

Many patients come to our office with a preconceived notion of what dentures will look and feel like. We want to reassure you that these ideas are no longer the reality. In fact, you probably already know plenty of people who wear dentures and their teeth look so lifelike that you don’t even realize it!

Your dentures will be designed and crafted just for you to our exact specifications. Each tooth will be individually designed and placed in the base. This helps to create the subtle variation that occurs naturally and helps them look so lifelike.

Plus, we consider details like your skin tone and the shape of your features so that the shading and shape of your new teeth will complement your appearance rather than detract from it. We recognize the importance of having a smile you can feel proud of, and this is evident in all the dentistry we provide.

Partial Dentures

As the name implies, partial dentures are used when you are missing some teeth, but you still have healthy teeth in place. The denture fits around your healthy teeth and is held in place with clasps. Not to worry – we can actually use clear clasps so that the partial blends in with your existing dentition.

Full Dentures

Full (or complete) dentures are used when you are completely edentulous (missing all your natural teeth) on your upper or lower arch. These dentures are designed to use suction to remain in place.

While denture technology has improved considerably, some patients do find that complete dentures (particularly those designed for the lower arch) are not quite as secure as they would like. In this case, we can increase your self-confidence and improve your security by designing dentures that are held in place using dental implants.

The implants (or artificial roots) are surgically placed in your jaw by an oral surgeon. They are then fitted with a clasp that fits onto your denture. Your denture can then, quite literally, snap into place over your implants for an extremely tight hold – no adhesive required!

Is It Time to Consider Dentures?

If the health of your teeth is declining, please call our office and schedule an evaluation with Dr. Christopher Wahlers. He will perform a thorough exam, review your oral and overall health, listen to your goals and your concerns, and present you with all your options so you can make informed decisions about your dental health and treatment.

Dentures are often an excellent and affordable option to replace your teeth so that you can smile with confidence and enjoy your favorite foods. We’re looking forward to meeting with you and restoring your smile.