Office Update and Dental Advice During Closure

March 27, 2020
Posted By: Christopher Wahlers, DMD

As I think most of our patients are now aware, we have closed our office temporarily to comply with the state guidelines to help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.  While I understand the necessity of this closure, I also want to let everyone know that I truly feel terrible that I am unable to treat my patients, especially those that are experiencing problems.  As of now, the state is allowing true emergencies (swelling/infections/extreme pain) to be seen at the dentist’s discretion.  Most other problems (chipped teeth, sensitivity, loose crowns, lost fillings) are not considered dental emergencies and at this time the PA Department of Health is mandating a delay in treatment of these cases.  Preventive care is to be postponed during this time, as well.  If you are experiencing an issue and are unsure if it qualifies as an emergency, please call and listen to the recorded message for information on how to contact me.  

During this time, many people are either not working at all, or working fewer hours.  And we all seem to have a little more free time on our hands since social activities are non-existent.  Although not as fun as a sporting event, going to the movies, or dinner out with friends, I would encourage everyone to use this time to improve their dental habits!  When you just can’t bring yourself to watch another rerun of your favorite show, head the bathroom and get out the floss.  Flossing once per day only takes a few minutes (at most), and you can be back to the couch before the commercials end.  If you are checking your email for the tenth time today, and not sure of what else to do- head to Amazon and order a WaterPik.  These devices are great ways to clean around teeth, under bridges and implants, and overall great for your gums.  Or you can improve your brushing, either by brushing an extra time per day, or by actually taking 2 minutes (not 20 seconds!) to make sure all of your teeth are pristine. 

While I understand these suggestions may not seem fun or exciting, remember that you can also encourage those you live with to improve their oral health habits.  Cleaner teeth and healthier gums lead to fresher breath, and that can make sheltering-in-place just a little bit more tolerable.

Stay safe,

Christopher Wahlers, DMD

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Coronavirus Update: A Message to our Patients 

We are currently open (starting in June) for dentistry once again, with some modifications to our practice.  Please visit the link above or feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions.