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New Teeth in a Day- Reality or Fiction?

August 20, 2019
Posted By: Christopher Wahlers
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New Teeth in a Day- Reality or Fiction? 

The answer is: a little bit of both. 

Hopefully, you will take amazing care of your teeth, never miss a dental checkup and never need dentures.  But not everyone is so lucky.  Millions of people every year have their remaining teeth extracted and dentures made.  In recent years, some dental clinics have started to advertise “new teeth in one day!”  And the advertisement goes on to claim that these teeth do not come out like dentures—they are literally like new teeth.  It is healthy to be skeptical of television advertisements, but modern dentistry is amazing and it is possible to have this done.  I have done this with many of my patients over the past few years.   But the “one day” part is slightly misleading.  I will try to explain.

Once it is determined that there is no way to “save” a patient’s remaining teeth, there are limited options.  Extractions and dentures are one way.  Another approach involves using dental implants to replace the extracted teeth.  There are a few different ways to restore the implants, but essentially they all involve creating false teeth which attach to the implants in some way.  Some are removable by the patient- essentially dentures that fit more securely.  Others are attached to the implants and cannot be removed from the mouth, except by a dentist.  Many patients like the idea of not being able to remove their new teeth. 

The “teeth in a day” concept involves having detailed digital scans of the tissues and bones of the mouth prior to any extractions.  On a computer, the exact placement of the implants can be planned and a guide is fabricated which ensures the implants are placed in the pre-determined position.  On the day of the procedure, the remaining teeth are extracted and the implants are placed using the pre-made guide.  A temporary set of teeth are also made using those original scans and can be attached to the implants that same day.  Therefore, it would be more appropriate to call this process “temporary teeth in a day.” 

After healing has taken place (usually about three months), a final set of teeth are made and attached to the implants.  If there was anything that the patient did not like about the temporary (for example, the color of the teeth, or the shape of the teeth), changes can be made to have the final teeth be as perfect as possible. 

The entire process takes place over many months, but patients love the fact that they receive a set of teeth (albeit usually temporary) the same day as their extractions.  Alternatively, a single tooth implant (if you only have one tooth that needs replacing) can sometimes be done in a similar manner;  with a temporary crown first, and later the final crown.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss this procedure, let me know at your next appointment.

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