What is done at my child’s first dental appointment?

We encourage parents to bring your young child with you for your check up and cleaning, and allowing them to color, read, or play on an electronic device during your visit (as long as they can sit still!)  This will introduce them to the dentist and the staff and make them comfortable and familiar with the office for when it is their turn.

At the child’s first visit, usually between the ages 2-4 (depending on their cooperation and enthusiasm), we keep it very brief and positive.  Young children are typically very cooperative, but for only a short period of time.  Allowing a stranger to look in their mouth is usually tolerated for a few minutes, but not too much longer.  We count the teeth, examine them for decay or problems, polish the teeth and give a prize to the child.  At successive visits, more and more can be completed.  It usually takes a few visits (therefore years) to work up to the full extent of a dental visit which may include X-rays, cleaning and polishing, fluoride treatment, and examination.

 Dr. Wahlers believes that positive dental experiences at a young age are extremely important.  Our youngest patients leave our office smiling, with a new brush and a prize.  Most of them are excited to return for their next visit!  If you have any questions about your child’s visit, feel free to call.


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