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How do you fix a chipped front tooth?

Front teeth, or incisors, are responsible for biting into foods.  The relatively narrow edges of these teeth make it easy to bite into a sandwich, but also make them prone to chips and cracks.  It is very common to see the corner or edge of an incisors chip.  Most of the time if the chip is small, it can be repaired with a composite filling, which is tooth-colored and seamlessly blends with the rest of the tooth for a highly esthetic repair.  If the chip is extremely small, sometimes the edge can be polished smooth and nothing else needs to be done.  If the chip or fracture is too large for a filling, a crown or veneer may be recommended to provide a long-lasting, esthetic result.  Even if your tooth requires a crown or veneer, we can often temporarily bond the tooth if an important event is approaching soon!  Dr. Wahlers will discuss all of your options with you at your appointment.

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