Crowns & Veneers

What would you like to change about your teeth? You might have damage or wear, which can cause sensitivity or other discomforts. Or you might have teeth that don’t seem to match the rest and create an esthetic challenge.

Whatever the problem, we have a solution.

At Wahlers Family Dentistry, we can provide you with high-quality dental restorations, custom made for you, from labs we trust. We only use labs located here in the United States, and we choose the highest quality materials because we know how important it is for your dentistry to be both durable and attractive.



Dental Crowns

Crowns are designed to fit right over the top of your existing tooth. You may have also heard them referred to as “caps.” We can use crowns to:

  • Repair damage like cracks or fractures
  • Build up a tooth that is overly worn down
  • Restore balance to a misaligned bite
  • Protect a tooth that is weakened by a large filling or root canal therapy
  • Replace a tooth as part of a dental implant or bridge
  • Improve the appearance of a tooth that is discolored or unusually shaped

The versatility of crowns makes them one of the most common restorations we use at our practice.

Getting a crown usually takes two appointments. At your first appointment, we will prepare the tooth for the crown and take photos, x-rays, and impressions. All of this information, along with our specific instructions, will be sent to the lab where professional lab technicians will craft your crown. We will fit you with a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth.

Once your crown is back from the lab, you’ll return to our office. We’ll remove the temporary crown and check the fit and appearance of the permanent crown before bonding it into place.

With good home care routines and regular check-ups at our office, your crown can last for decades.


Veneers are used to correct esthetic issues and are often the secret behind a celebrity’s flawless smile. You don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy the benefits of veneers, however!

We use veneers to:

  • Whiten discolored teeth that are resistant to professional whitening
  • Lengthen teeth that are short
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Provide a more uniform shape to teeth
  • Correct misalignments

The process for getting veneers is similar to that for crowns. We’ll prepare your teeth, place temporary veneers, and send images, impressions, and instructions to the lab. When your veneers are complete, we’ll check their appearance and fit, and then bond them in place.

Protect your investment and increase the life of your veneers by practicing good home hygiene and see us for regular check-ups and cleanings.

Call for Your Consultation

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