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Why are digital radiographs safer?

The medical field has slowly shifted from analog (film) to digital X-rays over the past 15 years or so, closely following improvements in digital imaging.  Although there are a few dental offices that still take “films,” almost all modern offices are now fully digital.  There are many benefits of digital X-rays over traditional film, but the two most important (in my opinion) are the improved quality of the images, and the decrease in radiation exposure to the patient.  Because the newest digital sensors are so sensitive, a high-quality image can be obtained with a fraction of the radiation that was used years ago.   All of the X-ray sensors in our office are new within the past few years, from top manufacturers.

Most research studies show that the amount of radiation from routine dental bitewings (4 standard check-up X-rays) is approximately equal to the amount of radiation that a passenger is exposed to during a typical two hour plane flight.  And as a side note, I have never known anyone to restrict their travel plans in order to limit their radiation exposure!  I am proud that we provide the safest and highest quality dental imaging possible to our patients.  If you have any concerns about your radiation exposure, feel free to talk with me at your next appointment.

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