Are electric brushes (power brushes) good to use?

Electric brushes (or power brushes) can make brushing easier.  A simple battery powered brush may be a good idea for a child (or an elderly individual) who may lack the dexterity to properly brush with a manual toothbrush.  It can also make brushing more fun for children.  Power brushes range from these simple rotating brushes, to high-tech brushes that can clean with sonic brush movements and sync to smart phone apps with Bluetooth technology.  For the majority of adults, I recommend Sonicare Platinum or DiamondClean power brushes.  Oral B Pro series brushes are also a good choice.  The prices can be upwards of $100, but the results speak for themselves.  Almost every patient that switches to a high quality powerbrush returns to us with healthier gums and healthier teeth!

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