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What services does this office provide for children?

We see many children in our general dental office, providing very similar care to them that we provide to our adult patients.  Children should be seen at regular six month intervals for check-ups which include a cleaning, examination and fluoride treatment.  Dental X-rays are usually recommended with a typical interval of once every two years to check for cavities and the development of the adult dentition.  As with all of our patients, treatment is tailored to the individual, and not all patients receive exactly the same treatment.  Differences in treatment schedules may depend upon the age of the patient ( i.e. a 3 year-old may not be able tolerate having X-rays taken), other risk factors (i.e. children who have a history of developing cavities may benefit from more frequent X-rays or fluoride treatments), or personal preferences or medical conditions.  If needed, we also provide sealants and fillings for children.  In the event that more extensive work involving crowns or root canal treatment is needed, we occasionally refer to local pediatric dentists that are excellent.  Many of our adult patients first started coming to our practice as children, and remain patients to this day!

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