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What can I do for a toothache?

A truly severe toothache is debilitating.  The pain can become so intense that it is hard to focus on anything else.  Hopefully, you will call us at the first sign of tooth pain, when the problem is likely less severe.  But sometimes a toothache can seemingly come out of nowhere, either due to an abscess or severe nerve (pulpal) inflammation.  In either case, call the office or the emergency line right away (the number is mentioned in our after-hours voicemail when you call).  We will either give you an appointment as soon as we can, or have you see a local specialist depending upon the issue.  

Over-the-counter ibuprofen (Advil) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) can help reduce pain somewhat.  If you are unsure if you can take these medications, we can discuss it when you call, or you can always ask your pharmacist.   Additionally heat or ice packs can often help reduce the pain (try both- every toothache is different).   Lastly, sleeping upright in a recliner or propped up on pillows sometimes helps reduce the pressure that can intensify when lying flat.

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